So, the reality of writing a traveling blog is a little different than I expected. Though I’m not sure whether to blame my lack of time and posts on my hilarious best friends or the busyness of traveling itself, I was a little disappointed in myself. I was over the moon about starting my “When Abroad” blog, and I planned exactly how I was going to differentiate myself from my other fellow travel bloggers. Well, the truth sometimes hurts. I was having way too much fun all of the time, and dedicating hours each day to edit photos and write something interesting seemed to diminish by the second. I would spend most of my flights writing my posts and editing the hundreds of photos I seemed to take everyday. However, it was not enough. This whole blogging career is serious work! Knowing I am pretty tough on myself, I would spend time making sure my post was perfect before hitting the “send” button. I would also attempt to edit my entire camera roll with VSCO to make everything look as amazing as it was in person. Though I am sad to say I am finished with my semester abroad, I know my work with this blog has yet to be done. I have way too many adventures, restaurants, and places I still want to share with you and anyone you may know. As a lover of all-things-food and exciting places, I know my experience can be valuable not only to myself, but to others as well. If you are still reading this, no worries – I am still here! I will be writing about my time in Amsterdam, Prague, and more. I am also planning on making a special list for all my fellow foodies out there. Though I realize blogging takes a little more time than I expected, I am happy to say I lived and learned. Time really does fly when you are having this much fun! Thank you to all of the encouraging comments and messages I have received about keeping my blog up and running. It means the world to me. More to come!

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