As I am currently drowning in my own tears in the Barcelona Airport, I can’t help but think… Is missing a flight one of the worst feelings in the world? As a first-timer, right now it feels like it. I figured I should advise any of you travelers to get your asses to the airport hella early, even if you “don’t have to” in these European airports. If you’re running late, BOLT to the front of the line, plead for forgiveness, and ask to cut. I decided to respectfully wait in my long-ass check-in line, and the woman at the counter decided to make me wait even longer when she couldn’t find my ticket. Therefore, you have it. A missed flight. Now? A new flight costing nearly 100euro to a totally different airport where I will have to take an hour and a half long train to get to my destination… Oh, and arrive nearly 6 hours after I was supposed to. Life lesson, check! Missing my first flight will definitely not be one of my fondest memories abroad, but from here on out, I will forever make my flights and be the annoying mom that claims we have to get to the airport three hours in advance (I love you, Mom!).

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