Casa Lolea… OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT! This little gothic-quarter restaurant has such a special place in my heart. If you are in Barcelona, it is an absolute must for tapas. A great staff, good vibes, incredible food – this restaurant has it all. Casa Lolea also has another location at a hotel called Trafalagar where there is a beautiful rooftop bar looking out on the city. If you go to this bar and order a bottle of Lolea’s #1 Sangria, trust me – you will be the furthest thing from disappointed. Here is a list of dishes that I have tried and that I think are a MUST:

#1 Lolea Sangria

Black Truffle Risotto (the best)

Patatas Bravas (also the best – you might want to get 2 orders because everyone will devour these)

Make-your-own tomato bread

Spanish omelette

Goat cheese salad

Salmon thingies (lol)

Ahi Tuna thingies

Pana Cotta dessert?

….and I am in the process of trying everything else!


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