DRY Martini – according to many sources, this place is voted the best cocktail bar in Barcelona. Looking for a little fun and getaway from our apartment, my roommates and I got dressed up and ventured out onto the lovely street of Consell de Cent. We walked about 15-20 minutes until we arrived at our fancy lil’ cocktail bar. Feeling a little out of place at first, the bar has a very mature and European vibe to it. We seemed to be the only foreigners in the crowd, and by far the youngest. However, we were excited to finally relax and get away from some of the American crowds. We found ourselves in a comfortable booth in the corner, just a few feet away from the “Speakeasy Restaurant” entrance of the bar. Seemed cool, but we were on a budget (considering the drinks at DRY Martini aren’t the cheapest). However, they were worth it. Carol and I ordered the spicy Amazon cocktails – tequila, jalapeño peppers, vanilla bean, and who knows what else. Ellie ordered a passion fruit martini (classic), Malia and Shelby ordered mojitos (also classic), and Katie ordered a Gin&Tonic (arguably the best drink on the table). If you’re in Barcelona and craving a perfect cocktail, this is your place . It is the perfect old-school, European, dark-wood atmosphere that we were looking for. The drinks were gorgeous, and we definitely did not need more than one. They make these things strong here! Cheers!




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