This destination is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our trip to the Almalfi Coast was one of the best vacations I have ever been on. Katie, Malia, Ellie and I travelled through the Almalfi Coast with a program called Bus2Alps, and I would 20/10 recommend. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard or as much as we did in Italy. We flew from BCN to Rome, piled on a bus, and 3 hours later at 2am, arrived in Sorrento, Italy.


Gooooood morning, Sorrento! We screamed this line every morning outside our hostel window. Sister’s Hostel (ugh) was extremely nice, cute and clean. Besides the fact that literally zero water would come out of the shower when you turned it on after everyone got home from our daily adventures, Sister’s was truly incredible. The four of us got lucky and got a room to ourselves, and chaos happened in 207. Katie got herself in a little trouble and decided to break something (besides her tailbone) – if you know you know. I’m pretty sure we stayed up till 4am laughing until our faces hurt, which is why we were practically zombies when we had to wake up at 5:45am that same morning to sail to Capri. Can you say sea sick?


Day 1 – Positano. We woke up and hopped on another bus to drive along the Almalfi Coast. Malia and I sat in the very front of the bus and remained speechless for the rest of the ride – it was beyond beautiful. We had no time to be terrified by the fact that we were driving in a huge bus on the side of a massive cliff because we were distracted by how crystal clear the water was. Wait, did I mention it was beautiful?

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We arrived in Positano and I immediately added it to my mental list of places for my honeymoon. The hundreds of colorful buildings stacked on top of one another overlooking the bright blue water was amazing. Paired with one of the best paninis I’ve ever had, this place was heaven. I was living the dream until we decided to hop on a boat and go cliff jumping, where things took a terrible turn. Katie nearly broke her tailbone and couldn’t sit for 2 weeks. I decided to hold hands with Ellie on our way down, and ended up completely horizontal when I smacked into the water. Yep, my side was completely black and blue and the water actually cut my skin! PSA: Do NOT go cliff jumping. At least we laugh about it now!

After our heaven and hell in Positano, we hopped back on the bus to Sorrento. A few friends and I went to Re Food for dinner – and if you’re in this city, please go. We were gifted with complimentary champagne and some of the best pasta I’ve ever had. The owner also took us down a clear stairwell into his wine cellar beneath the restaurant. It was so special to see the vintage bottles of wine and extremely expensive bottles of balsamic vinegar. Yum! 


Oh, Capri. One of my new favorite places in the whole world. We took the public ferry to Capri where we were immediately loaded on to a new, private boat to tour around the island. It was too beautiful to even try and describe it. I would highly recommend taking a boat around the island so you can wave to a little statue boy on the side of a cliff – the legend says that if you wave at him, you will return to the island. So, we all obviously had to wave.

Back on land, we climbed up the island step by step. I tried a special frozen orange drink near the middle of the island, and I can’t stop thinking about it to this day (over a month later?). We continued the climb up to Anacapri (the top of the island) and found a little town filled with gelato, jewelry stores, and touristy places to eat. You can find a chairlift in this little town where you can take an individual, peaceful ride up to the tippy-top of the island. Not gonna lie, I definitely shed a tear on my way up. It is beyond gorgeous. I’ve attached some pictures to prove how amazing this little chairlift is because I cannot even find the words to explain it.

Tired after our journey to the top, my friends and I rode back down to the bottom of Capri in a topless taxi (fun!) along the Mama Mia road. Why is it called Mama Mia? Oh, because you will actually be screaming “Mama Mia!” when you see how close you are to falling off this massive cliff. We took a nap on the beach and headed back to Sorrento.

Night two – we obviously had to have more pasta. We found ourselves at a little restaurant tucked away behind the touristy ones and enjoyed some amazing ravioli and about 5 baskets of bread. Did I mention I love carbs? Our waiter, Pepe, took a liking to our friend group and gave us a couple of free bottles of wine and WAY too many shots of limoncello. Malia threw her limoncello shots behind her seat, and Kaitlyn fed hers to her cup of water. Limoncello… not the best, but usually complimentary. Make sure you have a solid chaser.


After what seemed like the best two days of our lives, we hopped on another bus, left Sister’s Hostel (I miss you), and drove to Pompei. It was interesting to see what was left of the city, but tired and maybe a little hungover from the limoncello, my friends and I were not thrilled when we got lost among the ruins. Haha! After eating what seemed like the worst pasta I’ve ever had (I’m so sorry, Pompei), we hopped on more planes, buses, and trains to arrive back in Barcelona.

This trip was one of my favorites (if not my favorite) of this entire semester so far. We talk about Sorrento, Positano and Capri nearly everyday, and I am so happy that I spent a little extra cash to do it with Bus2Alps. 100% recommend. We love you, Italy!

P.S. We travelled to the Almalfi Coast on the last weekend of September. It was beautiful weather, and the perfect time to go to this perfect place.


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