Before I arrived in Barcelona, I was a Thai food virgin. Or, at least I was a pad Thai virgin. Hannah (my lovely sister) once made me try some sort of Thai burrito-like thing from a farmer’s market in Santa Clara. Or was that Indian? Either way, I had never tasted what I now believe is my new favorite meal. Thai Thai – a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant one block down from our beloved apartment. We passed this little spot one day when it was closed during siesta hours, and my roommates claimed it was necessary to come back when it opened at 8pm. After trying to convince them for hours to try and find a Mexican food restaurant (I miss you, Arizona), I finally gave in. As we walked in, we were shocked at how beautifully decorated the little spot is. It is red, purple, and gold all over, with beautiful plates and artwork. Each and every one of us ordered the pad Thai (no meat, we’re on a budget) and waited patiently. The food arrived, and my life was changed. Thai Thai – you are my new soulmate. We have also discovered you can dump your pad thai in sweet & sour sauce (yum) and a spicy chili powder for an extra kick (yummier). If I could eat here every night of my life, I would (and I basically have). It is safe to say we are all obsessed with this place, and if anyone comes to L’Exiample in Barcelona, you better not leave without ordering some pad Thai. And yes, I know I am crazy about food. And yes, those are all pictures of the same dish. We promised we would order something else next time, okay?


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