September 6, 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Brunch & Cake

If you want the best carrot cake of your entire life, please go to Brunch & Cake. They have a few locations in Barcelona, with some being named Travel & Cake or Cup & Cake. Ellie, Shelby and I came to this little spot on our first day in Barcelona. My small fear of planes left me a little dizzy after our 9 hour flight from Miami, so I decided to just get a caramel latté (my favorite) and a slab of cake for lunch. Why am I so healthy?! However, I think I’ll start choosing cake for lunch everyday because of this life-changing experience. I’ve been dreaming about the carrot cake ever since. Our amazing waiter also gave us a free piece of their cookies and cream (??) mystery cake, as well as two chocolate chip cookies. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about stopping by this cute lil’ place everyday on my way home from class. 10/10 recommend this place to all of those traveling in Barcelona.

FullSizeRender 7


…Can you tell I love sweets?

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