I arrived in Barcelona less than two weeks ago, and I am already calling my new apartment home. Having no time to start this journal/blog until now, Barcelona has been nothing but great times with new friends. My amazing roommates include Ellie, Katie, Malia, Carolina and Shelby – and we are one hell of a household. It is crazy to think that we all met about a week and a half ago when we feel like we have known each other for years. Our fridge is already filled with $2 wine and a healthy supply of hummus. We have already established our go-to restaurant called “Thai Thai” after we ate there 3 times in 4 days. (I have a whole post dedicated to this amazing place here …) We are already debating if we should return for their pad thai tonight after seeing Park Güell.

Our apartment is in a great neighborhood and is relatively close to school. After spending a week without a coffee machine in our apartment, we got pretty close with a little coffee shop underneath us called “Coffee with Bread” – and I’m pretty sure it’s fate since my two favorite things in life are coffee and bread. They have these incredible pastries that tend to torture me every morning. However, my heart (and Malia’s) decided to choose gelato over everything after discovering DelaCrem – some the best gelato you will ever have. It is safe to say that this place is going to wipe out my self control, considering we pass it everyday on our way to and from class.

We are taking over Consell de Cent one day at a time. The squad is about to go buy even more wine (…why is wine cheaper than water here?) and watch the sunset at Park Güell. I hope I won’t hate the states so much for charging us a million dollars for alcohol. I’ll miss my $2 wine and $5 fifth of vodka or gin… Carolina is responsible for the gin. Katie gets $1 vodka and complains about it every time. Adios!


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